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Living room with brown couch and two chairs, beige carpet

Carpet in Texas

Carpet continues to be a favorite flooring thanks to its perfect combination of style and comfort.


If you’re searching for new carpet, Carpet One Floor & Home is your local flooring store. We carry an impressive selection of premium carpet and offer frequent sales and deals. Visit us in Southlake or Fort Worth, Texas, to browse our flooring samples and talk with our professional team about your design plans.



Understanding The Different Types of Carpet

Among the carpet types are both synthetic and natural fiber-based options.


A carpet’s fibers, known as carpet pile, have essential daily jobs. Each type of carpet pile functions, feels, and performs differently.



  • Nylon, a synthetic pile, is an attractive all-around choice that’s exceptionally soft. Diverse colors and styles comprise this high-performing carpet family.


  • Polyester, another synthetic pile, looks and feels like nylon. Affordable carpet that’s vastly improved in quality over the years, polyester is a sensible choice.


  • Olefin, a synthetic pile, stands out with its hefty, Berber-style weaves and vivid colors. It withstands heavy wear and frequent foot traffic, making it a commercial favorite.


  • Triexta, a heavy-duty synthetic, offers the most formidable stain resistance. It’s a fantastic choice for pet lovers or parents.


  • Wool, the most popular natural fiber, is warm, colorful, and long-lasting. Wool can be a pricey purchase, but its resilience and stain resistance make it a worthwhile investment.




In addition to the type of fiber you choose, you can decide between different carpet designs and constructions, like tufted or woven, low pile, loop pile, extra plush, and more:




  • Cut-pile carpet has trimmed fibers of varying lengths, giving it an intriguing texture.


  • Loop pile carpet has a similar beginning. However, its surface is smoother since the looped endings remain intact.


  • Cut-loop carpet merges aspects of cut and loop pile for a denser look overall.



Where Can Carpet Be Installed?


Carpet offers a range of benefits to the areas where it’s installed or replaced.


It adds warmth, cushioning, and comfort underfoot. It also absorbs noise to promote a quieter, calmer environmental – particularly in louder spaces like living rooms and playrooms. Carpet is recommended for drier areas, so avoid bathrooms and kitchens.


We also have commercial carpet and carpet tiles, which are perfect for high-traffic settings--including stairs and hallways.




Carpet For Your Stairs

A carpeted stair-runner or custom area rug can soften your comings and goings and shield your hard-surface flooring from everyday damages.


Did you know that any carpet used on floors can be installed on your staircase? Our flooring specialists are always happy to help you find the right match based on your style specifications and lifestyle.


Customized stair runners make “home” safer and more efficient. Today, it’s common for grandparents and toddlers to share living spaces. Having a softly padded stairway is the perfect way to ensure every step made is cushioned in comfort, adding a level of treading for safety’s sake.




Replacing An Old Carpet

Carpets don’t last forever.


Chores like vacuuming and steam cleaning can maintain your carpet, but they won’t stop time. Your carpet will need to be replaced at some point. To help you determine if it’s time for a replacement, answer these questions about your current carpet.



  • Is It Hard to Remember What Color Your Carpet Was Originally?


  • Do You Notice Any Warped Carpeting or Contorted Areas?


  • Can You Still Smell Your Pet’s Accident that Happened Months Ago, Or the Coffee You Spilled One Early Morning?


  • Are You Sneezing from Allergies When You’re Inside?


  • Is it Time to Replace Your Carpet?


Stains and discoloration are common signs that you need to replace your carpet, especially as they become more frequent. Carpets become matted, frayed, or completely lose pile in sections. Damages aren’t always repairable.


When spills and pet accidents aren’t cleaned immediately, bacteria can seep into the lowest layers of your carpet and cause the whole room to smell. Since it’s difficult to treat every layer, consider replacing your carpet to remove intense odors.


Your carpet can also trap dust, pollen, dander, and other allergens. Proper and consistent care can rid your carpet of debris, but over time, it gets harder. Your carpet also experiences foot traffic, spills, crumbs, stress from furniture, and more.


Carpets are only made to last 10 years, and homes with higher levels of activity will need to replace their carpets sooner.




Shop for Carpet Near You in Southlake and Fort Worth, TX


When you shop with us, you’ll find a full range of quality carpet, including innovative waterproof carpet and ultra-soft, stain-resistant fibers. We carry stylish classics like beige carpet as well as bold, intricate patterns.



Best of all, we regularly feature excellent carpet deals. We also offer the best carpet brands on the market, including Karastan. Contact us today or visit to one of our Texas showrooms to learn more.

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