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When Should You Replace Your Carpets?


Unfortunately, carpets don’t last forever. With everything your carpets go through, from high traffic areas, spills, and more, it’s recommended to replace them every once in a while, especially if you have pets. Your carpet is bound to get covered in stains, dirt, food, allergens, and even waste. Chores like vacuuming and steam cleaning can help maintain your carpet, but they won’t stop the inevitable. Your carpet will need to be replaced.



It’s not all bad, though! Think of the soft and cozy feeling that comes with walking on a brand-new carpet! To help you determine if it’s time to brighten up your living spaces again, answer these questions about your current carpet and be on the lookout for new carpeting if you deal with the issues below.



Is it Hard to Remember what Color your Carpet was Originally?



If you’ve had to look up a quick cleaning solution for spilled wine or if you can still see that spot from where your pet just needed to go, despite your cleaning, it may be time for a fresh new look. Stains and discoloration are common signs that you need to replace your carpet, especially as they become for frequently placed. Some discolored patches on your carpet won’t go away no matter how much you dab at them or get them professionally cleaned. Plus, your living room will look much more put together with a clean, stain free carpet that is uniform in color.



Do you Notice any Warped Carpeting or Contorted Areas?



Some carpets become matted, some frayed, and other carpets can get contorted into waves or completely lose pile in sections. Many times, this type of damage to carpet is not repairable, especially with synthetic carpet materials such as polyester and cut pile. Different kinds of carpet looping can help increase resistance against weight damage, especially newer types, but as your carpet ages, the wear and tear will mean that you’ll have to replace it.



Can you still Smell your Pet’s Accident that Happened Months Ago? Or the Coffee you Spilled one Early Morning?



If you’re still able to pick up on the smell of accidents months after it happened, despite cleaning, it might be time for a new carpet. When spills and pet accidents aren’t cleaned up right away, the bacteria can seep into the lowest layers of your carpet and cause the whole room to smell. Since it’s difficult to treat every layer of carpet, especially on your own, you should consider replacing your carpet to remove intense odors.



Are you Sneezing from Allergies even when You’re Inside?



Spring can be a rough time for anyone with allergies, but it’s even worse when you’re still sneezing inside your home. Your carpet can trap dust, pollen, dander, and other allergens in addition to what’s already circulating outside. If you notice your allergies bothering you even when you’re just sitting on your couch, it could be a problem with your carpet or your air vents distributing the irritants. If your air vents and air filters are clean, the common cause is carpet. Proper and consistent care can rid your carpet of these contaminants, but over time, the wear and tear of the carpet makes it harder to thoroughly dispose of all allergens.



Is it Time to Replace Your Carpet?



Your carpet experiences foot traffic, spills, crumbs, stress from furniture, and more. Whether it’s because a new carpet flooring will add a cleaner look to your home or because a stench or stains in your old carpet has gotten out of hand, there are multiple reasons for needing a new carpet. Carpets are only made to last 10 years, and homes with higher levels of activity will most likely need to replace their carpets sooner. This is also true in newly purchased homes.



Check in with our carpet experts to determine whether or not you need to replace your carpet and what your next carpet can do for you.




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