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If you’re interested in a new countertop for your home or business space, you can trust the experts at Carpet One Floor & Home. We carry a full range of options, including quartz, granite, and marble. We also offer custom countertop installation services. You can learn more by visiting one of our showroom locations in Southlake, Arlington, or Fort Worth, Texas.



What are the Different Types of Countertops



There are a variety of countertops available on the market. Each offers specific benefits and levels of performance. Our experienced team can guide you through our selection and help you understand which products are best suited for your space. Additionally, we can provide design insight, inspiration, and advice on which countertop styles will work best with your overall interior decor. 






Quartz is actually a manufactured countertop. It’s created by mixing ground quartz, pigments, and resins together. The resulting product is incredibly durable, and also free of natural blemishes like cracks and divots. Quartz is also non-porous, making it moisture-repellent, stain-resistant, and easy to sanitize.






Granite countertops are made from natural slabs of rock. Since they aren’t human-made like quartz, each granite countertop is completely unique. It features its own mineral veins, sediment patterns, colors, and so on. Granite is also exceptionally tough, although it does have natural imperfections that can lead to weak points. 






With its creamy complexion and elegant swirls, marble is a standout countertop choice. Like granite, it’s cut from natural stone. It’s softer than both quartz and granite, making it more susceptible to damage from knives and other forms of wear. Many marble countertops also need to be regularly re-sealed since they’re inherently porous. Many homeowners choose to go with marble for their vanity countertops as bathrooms see less wear and tear over time than kitchens.