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Hardwood Flooring

Is Engineered or Solid Hardwood Better?

If you’ve settled on hardwood floors for your installation project, the next big decision to make is whether you want solid or engineered hardwood. While from the surface level these two hardwood types look identical, they’re constructed very differently. They also each offer unique performance benefits. At Carpet One Floor & Home, we know that new flooring is an investment. Our experts are here to help you find a hardwood option that will stay looking beautiful for years to come.


What is Solid Hardwood?

Solid wood planks are the traditional form of hardwood. Each plank is typically ¾ inch thick and made of a single slice of wood throughout. You’ll find a variety of species features in our solid wood collections, including natural oak, birch, hickory, cherry, mahogany, and many more. The main advantage of solid wood is that your floors can be refinished over the years as they show signs of wear. Refinished hardwood floors have scratches, dents, stains, and other blemishes eliminated, and they can even be styled with different hues and textures. 


The main drawback of solid wood planks is that they can warp in moisture-prone settings. Hardwood is naturally porous and will swell when exposed to humidity and water. This can cause cracking, gapping, cupping, and other issues. For homeowners and businesses that want to install their new floors in areas where moisture may be an issue, we recommend considering engineered wood.


What is Engineered Hardwood?


Engineered hardwood planks are constructed using laminated layers of composite wood. At the surface is a genuine hardwood veneer that features all the same unique visuals as solid wood. The layers are placed in cross-grain directions, which prevents each plank from swelling and shrinking as much. While solid hardwood is only recommended for above-grade, dry spaces, engineered wood products are more versatile. You can install it in basements, along with light-moisture areas like kitchens, hallways, and entryways.


Engineered wood is a great option in the Dallas Fort Worth area, where we have hot, muggy summers and colder winter months. However, it’s important to note that some engineered hardwood floors don’t last as long as their solid counterparts. This is determined by how thick the top hardwood veneer is. Lower-quality engineered planks have thinner veneers that can’t be sanded down and refinished. However, we also offer premium engineered hardwood collections that have thicker veneers and can be refinished just as many times as a typical solid wood plank.

If you’re interested in learning more about our hardwood selection, plan a visit to one of our showroom locations in Southlake or Fort Worth, Texas today. We offer many of the best hardwood brands on the market, including Rustic River®, Bella Cera®, LM Flooring®, and Crescent Hardwood®. Our experts are ready to listen to your hardwood ideas and help you find the best option for your space.




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